Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sneak Peak: JBJ Cubey All-in-one Biotope

The JBJ Cubey is best described as "cute". I mean look at it! It's petite and functional, and has a real LED system in it. The item has yet to hit shelves, but is expect to be released for pre-order on retailer's sites very soon.
The JBJ Cubey - Inside is the filter sponge and media basket
I saw the "little guy" at Reef-a-palooza 2012. I saw the white version which was certainly nice, but I was excited to see the black color version today. I definitely like the look. Check out my photos after the jump.

*Update (12/28/2012): Item now available at Marine Depot: JBJ Cubey 3 Gallon Pico LED Aquarium. Available in black and white.
Note: All photos taken with my iPhone. I apologize for the quality as my lens is scratched.
Looking down into the pump chamber
Feeding access door
12v power supply for lighting. Pump has a standard 110 v plug.
Tank lid bracket arms hold the lid opening
Looking down into the first chamber
3 light switches control the LED lights
The LED lights- all on. Reds, blues. whites.
Side/Rear view- ruler for guidance
Front/top view with ruler for reference

The approximate dimensions of the entire aquarium are 8x10.75x11" (LxWxH"). It weighs practically nothing when empty. The plastic is light, glossy type modern plastic, and the aquarium itself is glass. The aquarium volume is about 3 gallons.

It's a great little tank. I could see it with a small pico reef with some soft corals, maybe a shrimp. You could set up a little piece of heaven on your desk. Retail price is rumored to be around $105, which aint to shabby. I think I've just convinced myself I need one...
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Until next time...