Saturday, March 16, 2013

Photos of the Reef

The rock work as of today (3.16.13)
After a water change this morning, I figured I should take a few photos of the reef de Chromie.

I've moved stuff around and removed a couple of corals, but most of the coral are still the same as before. Some coral have grown better than others, but many have not really grown as well as I would like. I have a problem of either breaking the coral before they grow or moving them too much.

(More images after the jump!)
I'm pretty proud of my Duncans and the Bird's Nest. Both started as tiny frags. The Bird's Nest was maybe a 1" frag that had 2 tips, where as the Duncans started as three single baby heads on a frag plug. They have grown quite a bit...

Australian Duncan's
Bird's Nest
Aquarium and lighting
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