Monday, May 13, 2013

May 2013 Aquarium Update

My aquarium is filling up quicker than ever. I owe a lot of the health to simple consistent maintenance... And my good friend, Kalkwasser.

The biopellets seem to be doing a great job at keeping nutrients down. Nitrates are still 0, and I've noticed almost no algae growing on the glass. I have also completely rid the tank of hair algae and cyano, so things are sitting pretty.

My only issues seem to be the loss or bleaching of SPS at the top of my rock. I lost two separate colonies of Green Slimer, my Pink and Damicornus isn't looking great, and my bird's nest is starting to show signs of bleaching. At this time I'm attributing it to the new Maxspect Razor (lighting system), and my attempts to increase the output past 50%. I have since reduced it back to the high 30's. Fingers: crossed.

More images after the jump...

Here are some iPad images. I hate to admit it, but these images are similar quality as those i take with my DSLR, but with only a fraction of the effort. No white balance adjustment, however... Sorry.