Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Final Score

Final score:
Ecotech: 1 |  RBTA: 0

My RBTA decided to march itself into the wet side of an Ecotech Marine Vortech MP10. Guess who won.

(Picture after the jump)

The anemone didn't make it. Intact when I found it, I wasn't really sure WHAT was on the powerhead. At first I thought it was a slightly decomposed fish, but upon deeper investigation it was a mess of flesh and slime. My aquarium was cloudy and had a fishy smell; all this in one evening.

I noticed this on my way out the door for work, so i just adjusted my skimmer to make wetter skim, and added a copious amount of fresh activated carbon. I removed the wet side like a mangled car wreck from a grisly accident scene for investigation at a later time, and placed it in a bucket of water (gross, I know).

Upon returning home, I removed the mess from my pump. It smelled just like you'd imagine a rotting invert to smell after stewing in water all day (gross, I know); I would have thrown the wet side away had it been a cheaper item to replace.

And there you have it. My advice? Use foam guards on your pumps. As for me, I won't be adding any anemones for the foreseeable future. Until next time...