Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sneak Peak: Ecotech Marine Reef Link

Ecotech Marine Reef Link 
The Ecotech Marine Reef Link has been rumored to exist on reef sites for several months now. It was initially 'leaked' online after some requests for US patents were filed. Well here it is in all it's glory.

It's a box, that looks very much like a router or Apple TV. The big question is what does it do?

Well, we know that it will be used to control Ecotech Marine wireless products such as the Vortech Pumps or the Radion XR30 lights.

Based on the ethernet plug, it appears that you will be able to control these devices wireless and remotely using EcoSmart Live software. This would make a lot of sense and seems like the next logical step. (More after the jump...)

Okay, so the pumps can already be done with the APEX WXM module, right? Yes, but not the Radion lights. And the Radions can only currently be programmed by connecting the lights via USB to a PC. We now have a unit that controls multiple devices wirelessly and remotely.
The strong warning leads me to believe that this likely has plug and play software which installs/sets up the device.

Under the label- USB Port, Power Port, Ethernet Port
This is where the larger questions sit: what ELSE will this do? It's hard to imagine that this is a one trick pony. While it being a one trick pony would not necessarily be a downside, the buzz is that this device may be the brains or ground work for a completely integrated controller with monitoring devices and the likes. Think of a controller that does it all.
Power cords
As of right now, we're left holding our breath and guessing. It looks like we'll find out more this weekend as Ecotech Marine (as well as many other manufacturers) have some announcements and products to be released at MACNA 2013.

Until next time...