Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sneak Peak: JBJ Pacifica LED Light Fixture

I heard about the JBJ Pacifica somewhat secretively last year at the Reef-A-Palooza aquarium show. JBJ (Also known as JBJ Lighting) was handing out t-shirts with the name of the fixture with a question mark. Somewhat mysterious, all we could figure out was that it was a new LED light expected to release sometime in 2013.

Well the light made it to me this week, and I finally got the chance to see what this mystery was. The Pacifica is a tablet LED light fixture that appears to have been designed for use on JBJ rimless aquariums. It's comes with brackets for use on rimless and non rimless tanks. It's a strong light coming in at over 100 watts, and reminds me of the functionality of the JBJ Advanced LED 28 gallon Nano Cubes, but with less control. (Read more after the jump)...
The light has 2 plugs and no switches, and no dimmers; the light is on or off and has moon lights that are on or off. That is about it. The LED's are arranged in rows of 2x blue and 2x white, so there isn't much color blending. A built in fan helps cool the fixture, but was already making enough noise to let you know the fan was working, which from my brief time with the fixture was on from the second it was plugged in. I assume this fan is NOT thermostatically controlled.

I wasn't sure what angle to take with this light. I generally like JBJ products and even own a Nanocube. This light just didn't do it for the reef nerd in me... The build up was a bit disappointing since we were hoping for something great, like the first version of the JBJ Unibody LED. That WAS a cool light... Now the Pacific is out but lacks the features of most other LED lights currently offered on the market, but is currently priced in the mid $400 range. While the design will pair very nicely with JBJ rimless aquariums, I'm not sure that this is the light you will find in everyone's household.

That said, this is a "Sneak Peak" which at Chromis' Reef means I got to look at the item, but not really use it. Check out more photos below, and decide for yourself if this light is right for you.

So what's my final assessment? Not for everyone, especially techy reef nerds (reef snobs) like myself. If you're looking for a light to match your JBJ Rimless aquarium, are looking for something simple to use that doesn't require any programming, and you want something from a solid company like JBJ, than this light may be right for you. These lights are currently available for purchase online: JBJ Pacifica LED Lighting System.Until next time...