Thursday, October 3, 2013

MarineDepot's Sneak Peak: JBJ RL-20 20 Gallon Frag Tank

(source: facebook/marinedepotdotcom)
Online aquarium retailer (and friends of, Marine Depot (, posted some sneak peak photos of the new JBJ 20 Gallon Rimless Frag Tank. Visit their Facebook Page for the detailed photos:

Chromis' Reef has the details, however!

The RL20, as it is called by JBJ, is a rimless aquarium measuring 24" x 20" x 9", equaling approximately 20 gallons of water volume. The aquarium is an All-In-One (AIO) system with built in filtration system, and a 266 gallon per hour power head. It is a solid aquarium, constructed of 6mm thick glass tank with a stylish curved front design. While the prototype shown features an outlet/return at the top of the aquarium, the final release will have the return at the bottom of aquarium. More on this in a moment.

The aquarium could be used as a display, but is designed with the coral propagator in mind: it's a frag tank. It is also suggested as a great tank for clams as you see the best of clams from the top.

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As a frag tank, the aquarium includes black egg create and pvc pieces to elevate the egg crate off the bottom of the aquarium. The aquarium is sold ready to hold your frag plugs, and the egg crate has spots to hold several hundred (up to 700) frag plugs.

Let's step back to the return being moved to the bottom of the aquarium. The return will be modified to include a spray bar. This spray bar will push water under the frag rack, keeping the area clean. Also, by moving the return to the bottom, it reduces excessive surface agitation which allows the aquarium viewer to see the coral and clams more easily from the top.

The filtration is simple as with all other AIO systems. There is an overflow and return, and filtration chambers inside. A heater could easily be stowed away in the back filtration system. Also, the filtration section is covered with an acrylic shield, hiding the filtration somewhat. This filtration cover is also notched to allow for easy installation of the JBJ Pacifica Light.

The aquarium would look great sitting at about 36" height for great viewing. JBJ's 30 Gallon Nano Cube RL Aquarium Stand would be a great fit for the rimless aquarium.

This is going to be a great little frag tank for many hobbyists. It ties in simplicity and modern design into a frag system which can be incorporated into your living room or fish room. The rumored starting price point for the 20 gallon is $299, and a 45 gallon model is rumored to be in the works (though pricing/availability has not been released). The RL20 is estimated to be released to the public in middle November, just in time for your Christmas (or Holiday) wish list. It will be first released exclusively by (you guessed it)!

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