Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ecotech Marine Coral Fragging Tool Kit

Ecotech Marine Coral Fragging Tool Kit
Just in time for your holiday wishlist, the Ecotech Marine Coral Fragging Tool Kit is here...

The first thing that I have seen posted from hobbyists on forums and blogs about this item is something along the lines of, "$99?! I could buy all of these items separately for $X... [etc, etc, etc...]." Yes, you certainly COULD buy some inexpensive items and throw a kit together. Let's be frank (honest)- If you were already thinking that, then this product is probably not for you. Just as if you look at the Ecotech Marine Radion and say, "I could just build my own... [etc, etc, etc]"... then those lights are not for you either. It's okay, it happens.

Ecotech products command a premium and are not for everyone. That said, Ecotech is a growing business that has a strong and loyal customer following. This product is for the loyal fans, looking for quality and style. This Fragging Tool Kit is for the guy that has everything. The guy who likes high-end lighting, who sees value in Ecotech Lights and Pumps- the guy who takes so much pride in his aquarium, that he wants to have a great tool kit to propagate his coral. For that guy, he can now frag his coral in style.

(More information and photographs after the break...)

The first thing you will notice about the Ecotech Marine Coral Fragging Tool Kit is that it comes in a solid bamboo case, engraved with the Ecotech Marine logo. The case is certainly stylish and designed for repeated use. The beautiful bamboo case feels solid to the touch and was crafted with cut outs to hold your tools and accessories. The lid and base are the same thickness and strength, and are tied together with strong brass hinges. The case's top and base are held closed by magnets when not in use. The case not only holds the fragging tools nicely, but also works as a cutting surface for use when fragging.

Brass hinges
Magnetic Lid Latches
Case and instructions
Included inside of the kit are the following tools:
  • Tweezers, 160mm (1pc)
  • Scissors, 150mm (1pc)
  • Bone cutting forceps, 190mm (1pc)
  • Soft coral clamps 255mm (1pc)

  • The tools are all precision-crafted German stainless steel, so they are expected to last. As with ANY tool you buy, you'll need to rinse them well with freshwater and dry them well before storage.
    Soft coral clamps
    Blurry shot of the tools
    Also included in the kit are some coral fragging accessories:
  • Coral glue, 75ml (1pc)
  • Exclusively designed kiln-fired ceramic coral frag plugs (18pcs) 3 colors

  • The Coral Glue is Ecotech Marine's own brand of glue. While not new to the scene, it does have rave reviews online from hobbyists and even some coral propagators. I've heard it can even hold base rock, but I'm making no claims one way or another.

    The Coral Fag plugs are probably my favorite part of this kit. If you look closely at my terrible images, you can see the cross shape in the bottom. This design is intended to allow you to use these frag plugs on standard egg crate. this method helps reduce the amount of space lost by rounded plugs, but also helps keep the frag plugs secure. Sorry, but it's the little things like this that impress me...

    Overall, the Ecotech Marine Coral Fragging Tool Kit is a rather neat idea. It would definitely be appreciated for a holiday present or heck, just treat yourself. (Or if you're feeling super cheerful this holiday season, why not treat a blogger- oh, let's say one who blogs about his reef and other aquarium products he comes across whose name is that of a fish...) While the price point does put some sticker shock into the eyes of some hobbyists, I believe that there are many aquarists out there who will love the quality, style, and the brand of this product for their aquarium.
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    EcoTech Marine Coral Fragging Tool Kit
    Until next time...